Friday, July 1, 2011

44- Giscious (Hair Fair 2011)

Hair: Gizcious / Vanity Hair
Skin: Woodoo / Lionskins
Clothes: Tutti Fruti / Chantkare NEW!
Earrings+neckless: Je suis

43- Cameron (Hair Fair 2011)

Hair Peice: Cameron / Vanity Hair (Shaved hair base included)
Skin: Miha / Alvulo
Clothes: Diram
Pilot Shades: Lacroqi

42- Juicy (Hair Fair 2011)

Hair: Juicy /  Vanity Hair (Hair attachment included in 6 colours)
Skin: Layla / Glam Affair
Top: Tonya / Morea Style

41- Shizuka (Hair Fair 2011)

Hair: Shizuka / Vanity Hair--->you can change fan texture by touch, or no fan option by touch as well.
Gown: Yula Inspiration / Gizza Creations
Skin: Tuttis
Lipstick Layer: Lionskins

40- Bolena (Hair Fair 2011)

Hair: Bolena / Vanity Hair (Hair pearls are part of the hair)
Pearl Neckless: Bolena pearl neckless / Vanity Hair
Skin: Elena / Alvulo
Gown: Dailey / Azul