Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vanity Hair Fair 2013 Collection!!

Vanity Hair Fair Collection!! by Tabata Jewell

My dear Costumers & Friends:

I am back from my holiday break!
As you know by know Hair Fair started last weekend! 
Here are the hairstyles Vanity Hair is proposing for this year's hair fair. Hope you like them.
I suggest you to join Hair Fair group to try demos, or you can also come to Vanity Hair main store and pick them up!

Important!! I have created a new pack called : GlamPack!!
With a selection of my favourite colors that i have added some fancy roots or duo tones!! This pack has a total of 10 colors and it's price is 499Ls.

You will find a Hair for 1 Linden ( at Hair Fair) in all the colors, also the new Glampack tones, so you can try out New colors first!!

All the hairstyles will be donating a percentage to "Wigs For Kids", so no matter wich style or wich color pck you buy, you will be contributing this fundraiser with any of your purchases!!

Have a nice shopping experience!!

Hair Fair Landmark: Here