Hello there!

My name is Tabata Jewell, i am the creator fo Vanity Hair Styles.
I made this blog, cause i always get asked about the things i am wearing for my vendors pics.
So i thought making this would easy things out.

But i want to make clear that i am not a professional blogger. 
I dont usually receive review copies, and hardly ask for them.

My friends designers do send me their stuff, and i always give credit for it when i use it for my pics.
But the majority of things i show you in my blog have been purchased by me. Meaning i took the time to go shopping, styling etc.

All shapes shown are done by me. If other wise it would be stated in the credits. I am not planning in selling my shapes as of now, but who knows in the future...

Thank you very much for your understanding and support,

Tabata Jewell

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