Monday, January 14, 2013

I left my sky Box!

Hello all!!
As you read in the title i left my skybox!!! 
I know it maybe not the hottest news on the grid, but trust me for me it was a big event.
I am usully stuck there working, and i do leave it every week to go shopping to take the pics of my vendors. But oh my! you should see me when i go around shopping... going barefood, with no hair, and actually no clothes or even worse, just wearing alpha masks...
But in this occasion, i left my skybox to attend Mimmi's Boa wedding. 
I have never been in a wedding before, let's say they are not my thing. But Mimmi is one of my oldest friends in SL, i remember when we were both starting in the modeling industry, standing for hours in those model stands, participatig in popularity contests ( I lost them all) and so on to get our avis in the fashion industry. And we made it. But that was years ago...
Since i didnt style any outfit besides my vendor pics for a long time, i decided that i had to do my best to look as hot as i could for Mimmi's and Salvo's wedding.
Let me tell you that i am not a "Gown" the thing wasn't that easy, i also needed something that would keep that african flavour i have always given to my avatar, so here is the result. I had lots of fun styling for this event! Btw, Congratulations Mimmi & Salvo!!!, but please don't get married a third time! My best wishes for this everlasting couple!

BAX Ankle Boots Base Black Patent
Diram: Bolero cuir (jacket option)
Mimikri - Gloves/black
Pink Acid Clear Lip Gloss
[[Mozz]] Cosmetics - Black Liners - Cat Eye 2
Vanity Shaved Base V.3-Jet Black
[MANDALA]Leather Feather Eearings/sumi black
BAX Ankle Boot Black Patent 
Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
Diram: Large Pant Mesh - S size
Diram: Savina Turban (Edited)
Swallow Clutch Classic Color (no Pose) LH
"tSg" Spilled Milk - Dark Brown