Friday, December 28, 2012

132- Surfer Girl (Non Rigged Mesh)

New Release@Surfer Girl by Tabata Jewell
New Release@Surfer Girl, a photo by Tabata Jewell on Flickr.

Vanity Hair:Surfer Girl(R)-Vainille
Teeth-space *REDGRAVE*
(shadow /chest)[MANDALA]SHAMIRA DOG TAG necklace/Black
<TheAbyss> Eyelashes edit [Illicit] Fit_1 [Mouth]
Baiastice_Shechy Mesh Bikini-flower yellow sand-bottom-size XS
Baiastice_Shechy Mesh Bikini-flower yellow sand-top-size XS
Teeth (wear with Teeth-space) *REDGRAVE*
"tSg" Spilled Milk - Deep Blue

Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Group Gift!

New Group Gift! xoxox by Tabata Jewell
New Group Gift! xoxox, a photo by Tabata Jewell on Flickr.
Vanity Group members, wear your tags and go to pik up your christmas Gift!! xoxoxox

Vanity Hair:Chamonix(X-mas Edition)-Strawberry
al vulo!* Eleonor freckless
DRIFT Boyfriend Pants [Mesh] S-Denim
DRIFT Neckerchief [Mesh Unisex] Green Velvet
MM5 Rock!- LOVERS Woman- S-Dark Red Sweater
Slink Mesh Hand Casual L
Slink Mesh Hand Casual R
al vulo- Eleonor* red blonde brow sunkissed

Friday, December 21, 2012

131- Closer ( Non Rigged Mesh)

Vanity Hair:Closer-Umber (Streak Option menu + Shaved Base Included)
Vanity Shaved Base V.3-Umber
(fd) Hobo Fur - Funky (Large)
  [MANDALA] NOODLE earrings/Sky Blue
(single/Long) [MANDALA]Pearl rain necklace season2/SALT BLUE
<TheAbyss> Eyelashes edit [Illicit] Fit_1 [Mouth]
DRIFT Boyfriend Pants [Mesh] XS-Onyx Suede
Izzie's - Oversized Sunglasses (brown lenses) (mesh)
Slink Mesh Hand Casual L
Slink Mesh Hand Casual R
[ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v7 (Mod/Copy)
Poses: Model Poses by Janire Coba

Thursday, December 6, 2012

130- Chanel Drops (Non Rigged Mesh)

Vanity Hair:Chanel Drops(R)-Essence
-Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.01
Leverocci - Gia Satin Dress_XS_Creme
NOD - Bangles - Gold R
Slink Mesh Hand Casual L
Slink Mesh Hand Casual R
[ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v7 (Mod/Copy)
"tSg" Spilled Milk - Deep Blue

Thursday, November 29, 2012

129- The Cotton Club (Non Rigged Mesh)

Hair: Vanity Hair:The Cotton Club-Jet Black
Skin: Glam Affair
Lipstick: Glam Affair
Earrings: Finesmith
Dress: Mimikrit

Friday, November 23, 2012


My dear friends and customers!

Here comes the Black Friday annual sale!!
Discounts from 20, 30, 40 and 50% OFF!!

All the Hairs in the store are discounted except the 4 styles in the new release area!!!!

Vanity Hair Vip Members: WEAR YOUR TAGS! Additional discounts if you wear your membership Tag!!!

Have a great shopping!!


Friday, November 16, 2012

128- Easy (Rigged Mesh)

Hi Ladies,

This new release has Enhanced roots option, I didnt dare to delete the regular colors as many of you wanted to have the option to wear the roots or not. Those are very natural looking roots, they were not made with the idea of " Oh lord it has been 2 months since i dyed my hair!! ". They were made thinking more in a natural look. Reviews are welcome if you buy at marketplace. Thank you very much in advance.

In your inventory you will find the rooted hair option marked with (R).

All the hair colors have their enhanced roots option except for Jet black and Nova Black since those are very dark colors and the root effect wouldnt even been noticed.

Vanity Hair:Easy Flexy(ADD)-Blonde
Vanity Hair:Easy(R)-Blonde
[:T:] Beauty marks 4
[MANDALA] Omochi Bracelet /Arasiyama Black
 [MANDALA]Onigiri earrings/Charcoal
- Sunglasses HOLLY / V1.1 - REDGRAVE
[MANDALA]Onigiri necklace/Charcoal
erratic / amy - silk blouse / black (XS)
GizzA - Classic Trousers - Mesh [black] 
ISON - kabuki crocodile tote -right forearm- w/ resize (onyx)
Slink Mesh Hand Casual L
Slink Mesh Hand Casual R
[ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v7
Pose: Model Poses By Janire Coba

Thursday, November 8, 2012

126- Chamonix (Rigged Mesh)

Vanity Hair:Chamonix-Jet Black*
*Comes with HUD to change the fur texture of the hat and the color.

Mimikri - Jacket (JL) / Foxy black
[:T:] Beauty marks 4
(DUMANI) Cat-Eye Occhiali - Charcoal
GizzA - Classic Trousers - Mesh [black] size 1
[ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v7 (Mod/Copy)
Pose: Model Poses By Janire Coba

Thursday, November 1, 2012

125- Comadi (Partial Mesh)

Vanity Hair:Comadi-Wheat
Vanity Hair: African Base-Wheat
(African Hair base included/Hair band changes color via HUD)
[:T:] Beauty marks 4
Ear(L) Steking EARS [MANDALA]
Ear(R) Steking EARS [MANDALA]
erratic / cory - oversized sweater / color block 1 (XS)
Slink Mesh Hand Casual L
Slink Mesh Hand Casual R
AL vulo ! *imagine autumn eyes
Pose: Model Poses By Janire Coba

Thursday, October 25, 2012

124- Verity (Rigged Mesh)

Vanity Hair:Verity-Vainille
Comes with Hud To color change hair clips (first touch your hair accessory and then choose your color on the HUD)

GizzA - Slim Jersey Top [Blue] Jacket Layer
erratic / ripped stockings - full / red
AL vulo!* Julia pearl lip sunkissed
*chronokit* Summer Cardigan Gray S
GizzA - Jean Short-Mesh [Wash blue] Size 1
Slink Mesh Hand Casual L
Slink Mesh Hand Casual R
~Tableau Vivant~ Colorful Glasses
AL vulo- julia *natural blonde cleavage sunkissed Skin
Pose: Model poses12 by Janire Coba

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

123- Freedom (Sculpted)

Vanity Hair: Freedom-Auburn(Umber Streaks)
Pants:Vicereine-lower w/open back ( suit) option*:Indyra Originals
BAX Ankle Boots Base Black Patent
Pink Acid Clear Lip Gloss
(R)Silver metal[MANDALA]POLLY Bracelet /Black
BAX Ankle Boot Black Patent (Left Foot)
BAX Ankle Boot Black Patent (Right Foot)
Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
MODEL POSES - Pose Hud - Gisele Bundchen Pack by Janire Coba
r2 A/D/E sleeveless dress{XS}pink
Slink Mesh Hand Casual L
Slink Mesh Hand Casual R
[ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v7 (Mod/Copy)

Monday, October 15, 2012

122- Ronette (sculpted)

Vanity Hair:Ronette-Jet Black (Streak option menu)
Vicereine gloves: Indyra Originals
Eyelashes -20- DiamondDust *REDGRAVE*
FuLo - "Black Tie" earrings - Diamond
[ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v7 (Mod/Copy)
Jumpsuit:{TD}Sandra Dee-XS_Black

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

121- Midnight Oasis (Rigged Mesh)

Hair: Vanity Hair:Midnight Oasis-blonde
Hair base: Vanity Hair Base V.2- Blonde (sold separately)
Gown: Jadhe by Azul


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Perfect Runway Hunt 3

One more year Vanity Hair is participating at the Perfect runway hunt. This hunt will be going on until the end of the month. 50 of the best designers in SL are participating.
The hint to find our gift is : "Check out our new releases"
Good Luck to all!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

120- Cuchi-Cuchi (Rigged Mesh)

Vanity Hair:Cuchi-Cuchi-Strawberry/Umber
Vanity Hair Base V2-Umber
*Glance Skins (Black Model)
GizzA - Baroque Sicily / Skirt Long  XXSmall
SLink de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed 
^^Swallow^^ Shades Metropolis Magenta

Thursday, September 27, 2012

119- Cuchi (Rigged Mesh)

New Release: Cuchi, a photo by Tabata Jewell on Flickr.

Vanity Hair:Cuchi (Streak)-Warm Red
Vanity Hair Base V2-Warm Red
[MANDALA]SINRA2 Necklace/Attractive Blue
coldLogic dress - anthony.plum (XXS)
Color.Me.H.O.F [1960sFrames[Black] Small/Lens
SLink de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed
Skin: Livia al vulo
al vulo- Livia * natural red brow fairy
GizzA - Baroque Fiori / Socks 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

118- Briton College (Rigged Mesh)


Hair Base: Vanity Hair Base V2-Noisette
Hair: Vanity Hair:Briton College-Noisette (Rigged Mesh)
*YS&YS* Freckles3 Add Tatoo Layer SL2
Pants: *BOOM* Fall Tweeds II (sapphire) -XS-
Sweater : -tb- Preppy Sweater w/Blouse (XS) - Yellow
SLink de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed L
Tableau Vivant~ Colorful Glasses


Vanity Hair:Briton College-Minuit
Vanity Hair Base V2-Minuit
{mon tissu} Porter Jean Jacket - Used
{mon tissu} Shorts - Minx / NO PRIMS VERSION - Yellow 1
Glance Skins - Coco - Coffee - Glossy 05
Skin: Glance (Not available yet)
SLink de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed L
SLink de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed R
{mon tissu} Porter Jean Jacket
{mon tissu} Straw Tote Bag - Natural

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Smoking Room: Limited Edition

Made for Euphoria Limited Baazar.
Only 100 can be sold, after that,
this limited edition will be gone 4 ever!

Friday, September 14, 2012

New Gradient Textures for Tubular Bells

Hello my ladies!
I hope you are all doing well.
I have been working on gradient textures for mesh hairs.
There is 2 packs: Natural Gradients and Flavoured Gradients. The price of those new packs is 299 l as the rest of colour packs.
Although not all the hairs will be eligible for those new texture packs, Tubular Bells is one of the styles that has been chosen for those new packs of textures. Depending on the hair style i will add those textures on the future as well.
You will notice that there is not flexy addon with those packs, i didnt add it as it really didnt look that good with gradient textures.
For now, enjoy our new gradient textures :)

PS: Vanity Vip members get 10% discount! Wear your tags ladies!

Hair: Tubular Bells: Natural Gradient pack
Dress: Chantkare
Sun Glasses: Dumani

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

117- Sabine

Vanity Hair:Sabine-Vainille
Vanity hair base Vainille
.:Glamorize:. Go Eye Makeup - Black
DRIFT Tulip Trench [Mesh-XXS] Cranberry
Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
SLink de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed L
SLink de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed R
*Glance Skins - Poly - 08

This Hat-Hair was made to match Jador's outfit "Sabine", but i have added a texture menu so you can customise your hat to match any of your outfits!
Vanity Hair:Sabine-Jet Black (The Hat is part of the Hair)
Vanity Hair base Jet Black
SABINE Gloves: Jador
Pink Acid Clear Lip Gloss
*Fishy Strawberry* Makeup - Allure - Faded Lipstick Deep Red
Al vulo! * Eye-Liner Black
[:T:] Beauty marks 2
[MANDALA]Pearl  Rain necklace season 2/ MAPLE SYRUP
Little Bit of Midnight - Cigarette Holder
Skin: Al vulo- Tabata * 1968 Chic claveage sunkissed

Friday, September 7, 2012

Vanity Hair@FabFree Hunt

    Vanity Hair@FabFree Hunt by Tabata Jewell
Vanity Hair@FabFree Hunt, a photo by Tabata Jewell on Flickr.
Fabfree group is celebrating 5 years in SL!!!
Join this amazing hunt that will last till the end of the month! You have plenty of time to get all the goodies! And trust me there is many!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

116- Tubular Bells (Rigged Mesh)

Vanity Hair: Tubular Bells-Strawberry
(DUMANI) Cat-Eye Occhiali - Rusty Yellow
YELIZ MESH DRESS witrh Belt XS  choco

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

115- Hlin (Non Rigged Mesh)

Vanity Hair:Hlin-Noisette
Pink Acid Clear Lip Gloss
*LpD* - *Atena* Dress White (MESH - Size S)
Eyelashes -16- Elemental *REDGRAVE*
SLink de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed L
SLink de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed R
- Glam Affair - Stella Eyes V2 -13


Hello dears,
I have the honor to introduce you to this year's Vanity Hair contest winner: Miss Straberry Singh.
Wearing Vanity's hair style "Playful", she came up with a picture that totally describes the hair's name. Not to mention the greatest quality and amazing skills shown in her work. Thank you very much for this amazing art work and congratulations Miss Singh!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Vanity Hair Contest:The Finalists

    Vanity Hair Contest:The Finalists by Tabata Jewell
Vanity Hair Contest:The Finalists, a photo by Tabata Jewell on Flickr.
HI ladies!
It was a very hard duty to choose among all this talent, but i finally came up with 9 Finalists ( unable to pick only 3) All of these ladies can choose one Vanity Hair for free, just send me a notecard and let me know your choice.
In a few days i will announce the absolute winner. Thank you all for your hard work. Love you all!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

114- Minuet (Partial Rigged Mesh)

Vanity Hair:Minuet(ADD)-Platinium (Rigged Mesh Attachment)
Vanity Hair:Minuet-Platinium (Sculpted Updo)
Kidskin gloves: Black
- Sunglasses HOLLY / V1.1 - REDGRAVE
ISON - shift blazer dress -S- (black)

Friday, August 17, 2012


    VANITY HAIR:GROUP GIFT by Tabata Jewell
VANITY HAIR:GROUP GIFT, a photo by Tabata Jewell on Flickr.
Available now at Vanity Hair!

Vest: DRIFT- Mesh Cosmo Vest

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

113- Trinity

Vanity Hair:Trinity-Nova Black (Non Rigged mesh)
Pink Acid Clear Lip Gloss
Glam Affair- Layla lipstick - lilium
[[Mozz]] Cosmetics - Black Liners - Basic Liner 1
ISON - geometric corset -S- (purple)
-Glam Affair - Roza - BaroQ 01 - D
-Glam Affair-  Roza - Eyebrows Shape 03

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Hello my dear ladies!
Vintage Fair will be running from August 4th until August 29th! This is one of the most exiting Fairs of Sl for me, i love Vintage, anything retro just drives me crazy!! This year Vanity Hair will be participating in Vintage Fair with 3 new Hair styles. Hope you enjoy them as much as i did creating them! I hope you guys have a great time there!!
Here is your limo!

Hair: Cohimbra HP-Strawberry / Vanity Hair@Vintage Fair
Hair Base: Vanity Hair Base V.2.1 - Strawberry / Vanity Hair
Lipstick: Fishy Strawberry
Dress: ColdLogic

Hair: The Hamptons- Light Red / Vanity Hair@Vintage Fair
Comes with Hud to change the colour of your head band
 Izzie's - Oversized Sunglasses (mesh)
Shirt: Coldlogic

Hair: Bombshell-Blonde / Vanity Hair@Vintage Fair
Earrings+Necklace: Glow Studio

Friday, August 3, 2012

112- Wake Up Alone


Left Model

Wake Up Alone Rigged-Nova Black
Vanity Hair:Wake up Alone-Nova Black
/artilleri/ maggie tattoo (ushirt)
C-Bikini Bottom
[NV] Venice Cropped
Vanity Hair Base V2-Nova Black
- Glam Affair -  Linn Eyebrows- Light 01
Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails Red04
Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
Platinum Jumbo Hoops l
[NV] Venice Cropped Grey Love S
Eyes Spotlight -Brown- *REDGRAVE*

Right Model

Vanity Hair:Wake up Alone-Nova Black 
Vanity Hair Base V2-Nova Black

/artilleri/ maggie tattoo (ushirt)
coldLogic dress - gish.alpha
- Glam Affair Linn Eyebrows- Light 01
[[Mozz]] Cosmetics - Black Liners - Cat Eye 1
Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails Red04 L10
coldLogic belt - gish.white (S)
coldLogic dress - (S)
Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
Platinum Jumbo Hoops r
Eyes Spotlight -Brown- *REDGRAVE*

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vanity Hair Contest 2012

Vanity Hair Contest 2012 by Tabata Jewell
Vanity Hair Contest 2012, a photo by Tabata Jewell on Flickr.
Vanity Hair Contest 2012

Looking for our new Muse!!
Hi ladies!!!One more year i am proud to announce you, we look for the next Vanity Hair Muse. Last year contest was won by Miss Blackliquid Tokioska. Who will be the winner this year?? Maybe one of you!!
VANITY HAIR FAIR CONTEST: FROM August 1st to August the 20thLadies!!
We want to see how pretty you are in Vanity Hair fair styles!! Show us!!!!
Rules:- You will have to use one style from Vanity hair Fair 2012 Releases (No gift allowed)
All hair fair styles are available now in Vanity hair Mainstore.
- the picture must clearly show the hair, PS is allowed as long as the hair is not touched!
- you may submit up to 4, one per hair style.
- please post pics in square format 1024x1024. Close up pic to show the hair.
- you must be the model and photagrapher of the pic.
- contest will start August 1st to August the 20th
- Blogger skills will be taken in consideration
-your submission must include the following info: name of the hair, your name, title and tag: Vanity Hair Contest

WHAT YOU WIN?WINNER: 5000 lindens Cash + all new releases for 12 months + your picture in the vendor with your name. (Invite to Vanity Hair inworld group if the winner is not in allready)

Vanity Hair reserves the right to use the pictures submited.

Monday, July 30, 2012

111- Cantaloupe

Vanity Hair:Cantaloupe HP-Auburn
Vanity Hair Base V2-Auburn
[[Mozz]] Cosmetics - Glittery Smokey Eye (Gold)
[[Mozz]] Cosmetics - Black Liners - Basic Liner 1
cheLLe - (mole) Mole! 5
cheLLe - (mole) Mole! 2 *left eye*
*[MANDALA]Takara Nail/ Brown /L Bright (Hand size 20)
*[MANDALA]Takara Nail/ Brown /R Brihgt(Hand size 20)
Eyelashes -16- Elemental *REDGRAVE*
GizzA - Pencil Skirt (Mesh) Leather Brown size M
al vulo- georgie *natural blonde custard
- Glam Affair - Stella Eyes V2 -18

Vanity Hair Base V2.1-Medium Grey
Vanity Hairr:Cantaloupe HP-Medium Gray
GizzA - Slim Jersey Top [Black]
[mock] L'eau Castro Lip 2 Gloss [lip only]
[:T:] Beauty marks 3
Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails Monotone
Eyelashes -20- DiamondDust *REDGRAVE*
GizzA - Pencil Skirt (Mesh) Leather Black size M
Celoe: Jacket with Fur sleeves

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


A través de Flickr:
Time for a sale!
All our items placed at the second floor are 50% off!!
You will find a wide selection of hairs and accessories! Dont miss it!

Monday, July 16, 2012

HAIR FAIR 2012 (July 14th - July 29th)


Hair: Playful shown in Jet Black / Hair Fair 
Dress: Chantkare
Necklace: Mandala


Hair: Moondance shown in Vainille / Hair Fair
Gown: Shirley / Morea Style


Hair: Florette shown in Light Red / Hair Fair
Gown: VegaCelli
Boa: Babette Boa / Vanity Hair
Earrings: Mandala


Hair: Jioni shown in Chocolate (Hair base Included) / Hair Fair
Gown: Gizza
Bangles: Kunglers
Earrings: Mandala

Friday, July 13, 2012

July's Promo---> 40% OFF!

Hair: Love Affair V.2 (Non Rigged Mesh) shown in Dark Red / Vanity Hair
Dress: Beach Linen / Chantkare New!!!
Necklace: Rain Pearls / Mandala

Saturday, July 7, 2012

ONE VOICE @ Vanity Hair

ONE VOICE @ Vanity Hair by Tabata Jewell
ONE VOICE @ Vanity Hair, a photo by Tabata Jewell on Flickr.

Exclusive item for One Voice event (July 9th to July 16th): Ella, a fancy dread lock Updo. 100% of the sales of this hair will go direct to Gala Phoenix.

More info as follows:
Curio's Gala Phoenix is currently in the midst of legal issues which have resulted in her content being removed from the grid, pending the outcome of her legal battle. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) process in Second Life requires that when there is legal action taken against your content, Linden Lab will remove it from the grid until a ruling is made. Gala's fellow content creators have come together to host a fundraiser to help with the enormous amount of legal fees she will have to bare in order to fight her case.
The fundraiser will be held from 9th-15th July, with a blogger preview on 8th July.
Confirmed participants so far are: Truth, League, GoS, Belleza, Glam Affair, Adam and Eve, SLink, One Bad Pixel, Exile, HoD, Laqroki, Aura, Bare Rose, SAKIDE, Zibska, Al Vulo and many others who will offer their items as either 50% or 100% donations.
The event is not only to help Gala Phoenix, but to also take a stand for the community of content creators, for many of whom SL is their main source of income. This could happen to any one of us, and it's necessary that we stand up and fight back to ensure that it doesn't.
Please contact Sophia Harlow or OMGWTF Barbecue if you'd like to participate as a content creator or blogger, and join the inworld group One Voice for updates and the LM when the event opens!
Gala is aware of this event and has published her official statement and a detailed description of the past events on her blog.

If you'd like to stay informed join the One Voice Update group:secondlife:///app/group/6e4371ad-ab8f-aa51-2bff-e64e875bfbfb/about

Friday, July 6, 2012

Group Gift - 8

Hair: Gathaca special editon ( Group Members Only)
Skin: Comtessa / Glam Affair
Gown: Calypso / Azul

Thursday, June 28, 2012



Hair: Gathaca shown in Jet Black. Non Rigged Mesh. Acts like a regular sculpted hair (you can resize it, reposition it etc) / Vanity Hair
Necklace: Mandala NEW!
Dress: Maytreya

Friday, June 22, 2012

109- 2CUTE4U2

Hair: 2CUTE4U2, made a version without bangs and a colourful accessory via hud. Hope you like it!!
Dress: Sacha's Designs, Mesh, NEW!
Neckless: Je suis
Eye Shadows: Mons
Lipstic: Pink Acid & Fishy Strawberry